Monday, October 20, 2008

I don't need no fancy clamps...

Home Deport huge C clamps work just great to hold down my drum carder. Who needs fancy clamps when you can use ol'C clamps to do the job.

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Spinning Homework Part II

Well I decided to continue my Spinning homework and carded three of four batts I colored the other night. It all went well and the colors came out pretty good. The only problem I am having is the same as the other night with the Burgundy one (It is to the right of the moss green in the top photo and above the moss green on the bottom one) is still bleeding color...I know I rinsed it well and used enough vinegar because I forgot the first time to put the vinegar in and so the second time I used a lot....something I just don't understand....oh I need spin some of them.......
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spinning Homework for the Wool Festival...

Here is my homework so far for the Spin-in group at Kathy's...I was unable to attend due to a personal illness.....ok a migraine. I get them every so often and Saturday is the third day of it. It is starting to lessen so that is a good thing but, I will still call the Doctor on Monday.

Anyway....the colors are from Wilton's cake dye...I love using it because it always does something unexpected as you can see.....

Starting with the green from which every picture you want to start with here is the run down:
Green is Moss Green....there are some really dark parts maybe black...not sure until it is carded
Copper - The picture doesn't due it has some strange hues to it
Sky blue - Love split as you can see
Burgundy - Oh this was the one I have issues with...first I forgot to put in the setting agent and rinsed and rinsed until my fingers were turning pink and then I said...hmmmmm I think I missed something because the fiber is going white....well I was the vinegar so back to the pot it went. The second time worked......hmmmm works when you use the right stuff....but it came out really strange can't tell if the color is right or wrong or split. I guess when I card it I will know.

I am only going to try and put some of them through the carder only once so I don't loose the split colors....hopefully that will work.

I hope the spin-in today went great and hello to everyone in the group.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chris is making Yarn......

Above are pictures of the yarn that I have spun. I think it looks pretty good...I just need to do more....and color more... At least my spinning is getting some consistency.

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Patiently waiting for Dinner......

While walking my property one night I looked up and saw that my Palo Verde tree was growing a circle.....after a closer look a spider had neatly and carefully made a web using the Palo Verde leaves as a frame for her web. If you open the picture you can just see the web....I guess she is patiently waiting for dinner....from the looks of it no one has visited yet..........

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My Niddy Noddy Thingy.....

These pictures are for me to remember how to use one of these things......these yarn contraptions can be simple but confusing.....almost like a puzzle....the trick is not to cross your hand you are holding it with..

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Abby the Coonhound goes Lumpless......

The above picture was taken the night of September 14Th...the night before her surgery to remove two from her face and one from her back leg. The Vet has been out to my house several times and has been watching the lump.....this time when he came to check my Llamas knee he said it needed to come I told him my concerns that she is ten...and I would really feel sad if I loose her under the anesthesia for something cosmetic. He assured me that they would check her blood before hand to make sure she could handle it......This was a scary decision for me because I love her just the way she is lumps and all....but I listened to the Doctor's advice.

Her is the new and improved Abby. As you can see they did a GREAT job and she came through the surgery fine.

The above picture is just so cute...she was not at all pleased by any means to have her back leg wrapped up......She worked it but didn't get the wrapping off. I took it off after 48 hours because her paw started to swell and I was feeding her all the snacks I had in the house. Once the wrap was off I had a spray I used on it for several days after.....thank god she is over weight...she had a tough time licking it, which the Doctor did not want her to do.
Abby said....."Another Picture...don't you have enough"...I said one more....there she is all good to go.

I would like to heart fully thank:
Doctor: Gordon Merayo, DVM
From the Marana Veterinary Clinic
13800 North Luckett Road
Marana, AZ 85653

I don't know what I would do with my protector and companion who eats everything including the trash...

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Friday, October 3, 2008

So this is some of what the, now removed, Rattle Snake was living on.....

A few days after 'Operation Removal' was completed I heard some rustling around my front porch flower pots......Well lo and behold the size of that wonder the Rattle Snake was so agitated getting relocated....he was fine dining right at my front steps.....

Below is the condo place where some what a life. Now that the predator is gone the apartments and condos are open again.....tell the neighborhood.
I tell ya these toads are just gigantic....I just can't believe in the desert they do so well.....OK, so I have seen a few bugs that would certainly fill them but, come on....I think some of them are five pounds if not more.....they scare me and they don't move to fast either......

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Evening Sighting...

It was about an hour before moon set and it was shinning brightly from the south of me.....I was sitting on the far west end of my main pen watching the lighting to the far north wondering if any of it will come here.... Then I noticed a huge winged bird perch itself on the east end of my main pen directly in front of me about 20 feet. I flashed on my flashlight that I carry and noticed it was a huge Owl. I immediately turned it out because I didn't wan to scare it away. It was huge and eerily quiet. Moth Man did flash into my mind......

As I sat it awe of it....just because its huge wings were dead silent as it took off as silently as it landed and did a small semi-circle and perched on another poll just a few feet up from where it landed the first time. This time it put my Llamas on alert....they were up but silent...ears up and bodies all ready to act.....watching silently for the next move. I also didn't realize the goats were all watching as well. I guess because the moon light was so bright you could easily see the Owl and how huge it was and so the goats and Llamas would as well. The Owl was on the hunt and saw something in my yard.....probably some rabbits because I have so many that run is the feed that brings them in.

Then without warning the Owl stretched out it's huge wings and took off right at me and the Llamas....silent and majestic as the night it swooped down with its huge wings....they were really big, then over our heads and into the night across my neighbors yard. It was just an amazing sight to see such huge wings with no sound. Even the goats bolted a little....then when it was out of sight everyone settled back into a quiet evening with the moon turning gold as it settled over the horizon. The Llamas settled back on their knees and the goats all dug a bit before settling back down for some sleep.

I didn't realize just how amazing some creatures truly are.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Feed prices are going everything else...

Feed prices are going up seems. I am paying a dollar more then last month....I hope it does not continue to go up each month. It will cost more to feed my goats then it will me. I have decided to offset some feed with feeding straight Bermuda along with my pellets. It seems to stretch the pellet feed for me. The goats don't readily eat the Bermuda like they would Alfalfa....but they do eat it. The Llamas munch on it all the time...even dried out....they like to forage for it. The geese continually eat it as it doesn't go to waste.

Above is thirty 80 pound bags of half Bermuda/Alfalfa....and then on the left are two bales of Bermuda.
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Operation - Rattlesnake Removal is now complete...

Thank you to the Avra Valley Fire Department for removing the rattlesnake I had in containment last night. I did not realize you need to call 911 for this. The fire department graciously called me back today and left me know that when needing snakes or bees removed to call 911. They stated that once you do this the 911 operator will transfer you to the closest fire department for assistance. They also stated it is illegal to kill them and people should call to have them properly removed and then relocated.

Above, used with his permission to post, is the person from the Avra Valley Fire Department who did the removal today. He was professional and polite and did an outstanding job. The rattlesnake however, was not happy and he was showing his temper by striking and rattling loudly as he was being caught and boxed for relocation.

Again, thank you to the Avra Valley Fire Department for their quick and professional response to my need.
Chris Size
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Chris Celebrates his 46th.....

Chris celebrated his 46Th birthday on Monday, August 25, 2008. He ate his favorite food in front of his plasma TV watching his favorite kind of TV.....the DVD on the Blue Planet a documentary. After sharing his favorite food with his protector Abby he retired for a several hour nap....afterward he groggily went outside and checked to make sure the rattlesnake was still in containment....happily it was. Overall it was a good day for him and he is looking forward to a challenging new year.

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Night in the Desert part Three

I really like this photo...I put it in black and white and it just jumped out at me. It is a creosote branch against the Desert night sky. To me it captures the essence of desert life. Sparse yet strong in its own way. It speaks to the beauty this Desert has while being simple at the same time. I hope you enjoy it as well.
Now this picture may not look like much...more like another hole in the ground but open it up and look carefully at what is inside the hole. It is a female Tucson Blond Tarantula awaiting something, its evening meal or mate...maybe both depending on her mood, to cross her door. I have never seen one in the wild and was excited to find was by accident. Again, I was outside oh about 3am and saw I watched carefully and saw where she went.....I gave her some time and went back and there she is sitting in her burrow. Females can live many years and create burrows and that have just the right amount of moisture so they don't dry out. The males are the ones we currently see roaming the streets looking for love. If you scroll through my Blog you will see one.....he was probably looking for her the night I came across him......don't know if they met but she seems nice.......for a tarantula that is.

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Night in the Desert part Two

Above is a cactus that is just doing great...hidden under a bush growing away. Each year it is covered in blossoms and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Someones entrance to their house. Not sure what lives in it but is sure is round and sturdy. I was going to knock but decided it was too late and they may not have wanted any visitors.

My Mexican fan palm.

Fruit of the Desert. Ripe and ready for picking.

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Night in the Desert Part One

Above are my Plumeria's...they are doing just great. This is their first year so they're will be no blooms at least that is my understanding. Had them sent directly from Hawaii....and with a little Spray-N-Grow they are just growing away.

This is just a neat picture of some plant in my small wash on the property. The way it is growing on a large root just caught my eye.

This is my Palo Verde tree on the west side of my house. I hope one day that it gets big enough to shade that end of the house from the afternoon sun.

A small century plant growing away and doing its thing.

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Here is the Rattler..........

The first two pictures didn't bother me as much as the third one. He is about three feet long and well fed.....I bet he is the one who bit my Llama Oreo. I try to leave things alone but, he is much too big to be around my house...

Above is where he is now (full containment). I couldn't just leave him wandering my property....Abby has been bit twice in the last few years and Oreo was just bit. I called the Avra Valley Fire Department and left a message.....he is too big for me to mess with and I am not taking any chances to try and kill him.....if I miss I could be bit, Abby or he gets away and gets one of my animals.

I will update with some pictures once the Fire Department calls me back.

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