Monday, October 20, 2008

I don't need no fancy clamps...

Home Deport huge C clamps work just great to hold down my drum carder. Who needs fancy clamps when you can use ol'C clamps to do the job.

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Spinning Homework Part II

Well I decided to continue my Spinning homework and carded three of four batts I colored the other night. It all went well and the colors came out pretty good. The only problem I am having is the same as the other night with the Burgundy one (It is to the right of the moss green in the top photo and above the moss green on the bottom one) is still bleeding color...I know I rinsed it well and used enough vinegar because I forgot the first time to put the vinegar in and so the second time I used a lot....something I just don't understand....oh I need spin some of them.......
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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Spinning Homework for the Wool Festival...

Here is my homework so far for the Spin-in group at Kathy's...I was unable to attend due to a personal illness.....ok a migraine. I get them every so often and Saturday is the third day of it. It is starting to lessen so that is a good thing but, I will still call the Doctor on Monday.

Anyway....the colors are from Wilton's cake dye...I love using it because it always does something unexpected as you can see.....

Starting with the green from which every picture you want to start with here is the run down:
Green is Moss Green....there are some really dark parts maybe black...not sure until it is carded
Copper - The picture doesn't due it has some strange hues to it
Sky blue - Love split as you can see
Burgundy - Oh this was the one I have issues with...first I forgot to put in the setting agent and rinsed and rinsed until my fingers were turning pink and then I said...hmmmmm I think I missed something because the fiber is going white....well I was the vinegar so back to the pot it went. The second time worked......hmmmm works when you use the right stuff....but it came out really strange can't tell if the color is right or wrong or split. I guess when I card it I will know.

I am only going to try and put some of them through the carder only once so I don't loose the split colors....hopefully that will work.

I hope the spin-in today went great and hello to everyone in the group.

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Chris is making Yarn......

Above are pictures of the yarn that I have spun. I think it looks pretty good...I just need to do more....and color more... At least my spinning is getting some consistency.

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Patiently waiting for Dinner......

While walking my property one night I looked up and saw that my Palo Verde tree was growing a circle.....after a closer look a spider had neatly and carefully made a web using the Palo Verde leaves as a frame for her web. If you open the picture you can just see the web....I guess she is patiently waiting for dinner....from the looks of it no one has visited yet..........

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My Niddy Noddy Thingy.....

These pictures are for me to remember how to use one of these things......these yarn contraptions can be simple but confusing.....almost like a puzzle....the trick is not to cross your hand you are holding it with..

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Abby the Coonhound goes Lumpless......

The above picture was taken the night of September 14Th...the night before her surgery to remove two from her face and one from her back leg. The Vet has been out to my house several times and has been watching the lump.....this time when he came to check my Llamas knee he said it needed to come I told him my concerns that she is ten...and I would really feel sad if I loose her under the anesthesia for something cosmetic. He assured me that they would check her blood before hand to make sure she could handle it......This was a scary decision for me because I love her just the way she is lumps and all....but I listened to the Doctor's advice.

Her is the new and improved Abby. As you can see they did a GREAT job and she came through the surgery fine.

The above picture is just so cute...she was not at all pleased by any means to have her back leg wrapped up......She worked it but didn't get the wrapping off. I took it off after 48 hours because her paw started to swell and I was feeding her all the snacks I had in the house. Once the wrap was off I had a spray I used on it for several days after.....thank god she is over weight...she had a tough time licking it, which the Doctor did not want her to do.
Abby said....."Another Picture...don't you have enough"...I said one more....there she is all good to go.

I would like to heart fully thank:
Doctor: Gordon Merayo, DVM
From the Marana Veterinary Clinic
13800 North Luckett Road
Marana, AZ 85653

I don't know what I would do with my protector and companion who eats everything including the trash...

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Friday, October 3, 2008

So this is some of what the, now removed, Rattle Snake was living on.....

A few days after 'Operation Removal' was completed I heard some rustling around my front porch flower pots......Well lo and behold the size of that wonder the Rattle Snake was so agitated getting relocated....he was fine dining right at my front steps.....

Below is the condo place where some what a life. Now that the predator is gone the apartments and condos are open again.....tell the neighborhood.
I tell ya these toads are just gigantic....I just can't believe in the desert they do so well.....OK, so I have seen a few bugs that would certainly fill them but, come on....I think some of them are five pounds if not more.....they scare me and they don't move to fast either......

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