Monday, February 25, 2008

Got to start updating again....

I have pictures taken.....just haven't had the urge to post but I am getting much closer.... I will probably update this weekend...

I have pictures of my one month old babies.....they are just so cute.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

I lost my dad on Jan 16th, 2008

After twenty eight years of, I want to say battling many heart problems, brain tumors and bone cancer, Dad would have said just keep moving, he passed away in his sleep at the Mosses Taylor Hospital in Pennsylvania on Jan 16th, 2008. He had a will to live like steal and taught me many things about life and living I could never replace. My mother was my Dad's primary care giver for the entire time......only God knows how she did it. She is just wonderful.....I thought I would have to help her through the grieving process and in turn she is the one who is helping me. She is a person of great commitment and integrity. Fifty two years ago my mother and father promised each other they would care for each other regardless of what came their way......and she has fulfilled that promise many times over. She did so much for my father only God knows all of them.

I would like to pass something we still do as a family each night....even if we can't physically say it to each other we can in our heart.
Each night before we went to sleep we would say we loved each other......if anything was bothering us it was then talked about until we could say we loved each other and once it was settled we said it and then off to bed. My Dad said the reason is, we should always go to bed loving each other because we never know what tomorrow will hold or if we would get that chance to say it again. There were no secrets that weren't shared no problems not talked about and resolved. In fact the night before his passing we talked on the phone and we ended saying we loved each other as we have done my whole life. I will miss him dearly but I know in my heart he is in a much more wonderful place. If there is one thing I would request is that everyone who reads this to do the same. Look beyond and remember that it is only Love that will keep us here and Love that keeps us alive. Mother Teresa once stated a phrase that has had and will continue to have an impact on my whole live and it is: "Love is giving until it hurts."

I am worried about my mom but, if she could care for two for many years.....she will be able to take better care of herself now. I love her so dearly and didn't realize how strong she is. If it weren't for the love my parents showed me I would have never gotten to where I am today. They also provided another strong they would say; "We brought you into this world to live your life not ours so do and go where you want and we will always be here." Wow, powerful words that they live by even today.
I would like to thank Aunt Flossie and Joanie for their unconditional love and help in getting my mother and I through this time. They are just so wonderful. If it weren't for the love and caring they have for my mom I would worry and wonder whether I should go back to PA but I don't have to...they have it I love you both so dearly....My house is always open for you whenever you decide to come and visit.
I deeply thank all those not mentioned for their help and support during this time. Al Hughes Funeral home was a blessing. Thank God for the Funeral Director......they are just great at getting to what needs to be done. Without them I would have just put off doing anything...until I don't know when......they are a great help in moving a process that is so hard emotionally.
I would also like to thank Father Fran of St. Ann's Basilica in Scranton, Pa. He did an outstanding service and made it so personal I cried through most of the mass. He is a priest of deep devotion and love and I thank him for that. If anyone get a chance to see Scranton, Pa...Visit the Basilica to St Ann it is just beautiful.
Thank you to Susie Rummens for taking care of my herd while I was in Scranton. She did such a great job of taking care of my new mom's and kids I never worried about them....she was just great. Friends like her are rare in these don't forget to them you love them.....Susie, 'I love you' for all the things you do and wonderful support you give to me in times of need.

Writing this helps me to understand there is still a lot of love around....all we have to do is reach out for it.


PS....My dad would say.....'Just keep moving' I will take his advice.....keep moving.