Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Buck on the run...Double D what are you thinking!

Last night when I feed everyone they were in their pens and doing fine just eating away. This morning I went to check on everyone and to my surprise Double D was out of his pen and on the run with the girls.

I immediately went outside and he ran up to me all wide eyed with a look of utter joy on face as if to say....look...I got out just like you wanted me to.

Well I checked the pen and found out he bent down the back part of the fencing. I didn't think he could bring it down since it was five feet tall. He I will need to fix it. Once the feed store that I go to gets more hog panels...his home will be perfectly secure. Well I hope it will be at least secure enough to hold him in.

I called my friend Kathy to ask if my girls who are still nursing could get pregnant. She thinks only Little K...who's baby died or my Cherry Berry could get pregnant...but it is possible that Double D's junk, as I call it is not good because of the temperature. I guess time will tell.....and if I have more will be a great summer surprise.

I came home from work to assess the situation and decided not to rush the fixing because if his junk is good he was out all day with the girls and given he was with them all day...he had plenty of time to I made the decision to let nature do its thing. I will begin the fixing this weekend.....maybe my feed store got some hog panels....I sure hope so.

I will also post some pictures of my babies on the weekend as well. I got some cute ones.