Monday, October 29, 2007

Help! My Pictures are not working correctly

I apologize if you click on some of my pictures they do not expand like some of the others. I am not sure why.....I have had some friends that know html look at and I replaced the a tag, however, it only does the small picture and not the big one. I really do not want to re-post or rework all the posts so if you know of an easy fix I would really appreciate if you would let me in on the secret.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

October 15th - The Shearer Leaveth

It was so interesting when Penny was done and everything was picked and she was leaving everyone, ok Oyster was standing to the side, was looking at us. It was like they were saying 'Bye' for now and we feel much better. Penny did an awesome job and I am very pleased.


October 15th Shearing - Can I eat this

This is Farley he is my companion goat when I am not breeding. he was so cute....he just wouldn't leave Penny's blades alone. Maybe he was just feeling left out because he wasn't being sheared....ok he's a goat but like I said before.....I like my reasoning. It may not be right but it sounds good.


October 15th - The shearer cometh - Shearing by Penny Salivar-Jernigan

Penny does all my shearing and is an outstanding shearer. She really cares about her work and treats the animals with respect. She runs on Penny time but she does show up and begins her work immediately. If you need someone to shear for you I highly recommend her. You can reach her at or Mobile 209-996-2970. She lives in Willcox, AZ.

So, below are some of the pictures with the captions below them.

As you can see from the picture above she has very few double cuts, she had none on my buck above. Penny stated this is like an unveiling. If you take a closer look you will notice how smooth and close her shearing is and it practically came off in one piece. He didn't seem to mind too much and Penny really knows just how to calm and remain in control of the animal.

This is a before and after Angie's shearing, I call her my Queen of the goats. The top picture is what she looks like with six months of mohair on her and below is what she looks like after shearing. She was looking at me thinking I am a new woman.....look out and don't mess with me. I am hoping she breeds with my buck this season. She is tough and she knows what she wants when she wants it. She is also very friendly with humans but, when other goats are around....look out and don't get in her way. She will clearly let you know that she is the queen and you are NOT.

Above is Amber, she is my copper female. She is very regal in the way she walks and lays.....she is a lady. My buck Double D really likes her, I think because of her style....ok maybe it is just because she is a female in heat.....I like my reasoning better.

The above two picture are of her shearing in progress. She was very relaxed as you can see from the positioning....Penny has a way of relaxing the animal and doing what she needs to get them sheared.

And there she is....a new girl on the block. During the summer I was concerned because of her darker color....she was always warm. Now she is fresh and cool. She still walks with style and rubs up next to my bucks pen just so that he doesn't forget about her.....ok maybe she is in heat....I like my reason much better.

Penny knows her stuff about shearing...


October 15th the morning before shearing

Below are pictures taken in the morning before Penny arrived. The caption below is for the picture above. It is amazing everyone seemed to know something was going to happen. It is like taking your pet to the vet....they just seem to know.


This is Angie and she is looking oh very fluffy. I am not sure what she was looking at but, I bet she wasn't really noticing me taking her picture.

This is Sampson - he is looking just as fluffy as the rest... His main concern was just having fun... He also was sheared and his mohair is very soft. His father No Size will be proud of his sons fiber.

Above is Oyster my Llama....and from the smile on her face you can tell she knows that she is not being sheared. Yes, it is a smile....take a closer look it is definitely a smile. She is just so darn cute.

This is Abby and she is doing what she does best. She is actually patrolling with her keen sense of hearing ok maybe that is her keen sense of eating... Ok, she is ready at a moments notice to protect her house...ok maybe not on a moments notice but you get the idea. I think she has the best deal in and sleep. Oh, by the way don't worry about protecting anything.....the most she will do is bark from behind a bush......well you can't have everything. She loves her couch and sleeping and I love her....even if she loves to eat the trash.

This was the morning before shearing.