Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are these sleeping Humming Birds?

Before the end of the summer I saw what looked liked two puffs of cotton on a branch so I took a closer look. They never moved so I ran in and got my camera. They never even moved as I got as close as I could to take pictures. They were also breathing slowly...you could actually see them breath...it was just fascinating. I think I may have found two sleeping Humming Birds. Please let me know if they are because I have always wondered where do Humming birds sleep? From the feet it looks like Hummers.....take a look and leave a comment please. Thanks, Chris
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Julie said...

I don't know if they are hummers - they are small, but also really unusual color. I will check with my friend at Audubon and see what he says.

Chris Size said...

Excellent I would love to know. Te feet when you look close look like Humming birds feet but....anyway thanks. Chris

Alan said...

I'm no ornithologist, but they look too fluffy to be hummingbirds. Of course, most birds fluff up when they're sleeping, so I could be wrong. Let us know if you find out!

(I agree with Julie; the color is unusual for hummingbirds, but that could be the flash.)

Chris Size said...

Alan thanks for the comment...I thought that too but, the size and the feet....they were about the size of two cotton balls and breathing noticably slow and did not move even when I got too close and thought they should have...it will be intersting to find out. Chris

Julie said...

I believe these birds are indigo bunting babies. I wonder where mama was? Have you seen them again? I found it interesting that a group of buntings are called a "decoration", "mural" or "sacrifice".

Look here for some pictures - at the bottom right of the page you will see the blue birds (their chests are all blue)