Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Picture for Marc

This is a picture I took for a friend of mine named Marc. I was telling him I think my geese think they are goats because they eat and sleep with the herd. He was surprised so here is a picture of it. I ran across the picture today even though it was taken in the summer the geese still think they are goats. Well they think they can boss everyone around....most of the time the goats give in but, once in a while a goat will turn and all the geese jump in the air with wings just a flapping. Even when this happens it still does not deter them from their duties of inspecting each and every bucket of water or food. The geese (Patrolmen) take their jobs very, very seriously and is the funnest thing to see happen.


Standing in front is Easter Lilly...as she was born on Easter Sunday and is just as much of a trouble maker as her mother (Cherry-Berry) was. You just see Cherry-Berries horns in the far bottom right corner of the picture.
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