Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feed comes but with a hefty price...

A few weeks ago my feed was delivered by Vaquero's. They do an awesome job of delivering and covering....I am just so impressed but, the price of feed is high these days and so are bales of anything. I asked since the price of gas has gone down will the feed price go down and I was told "you know once it goes up it will never come down". I knew that...but thought it couldn't hurt to ask. What is shown is about 800 dollars worth and none of it gets wasted. Even the pellets that fall on the ground get raked up and thrown into the pen for later munching on....it is just too expensive to waste it.

I highly recommend Vaquero for feed and their customer service is awesome. I know this because I have had 13 years of customer service experience and so my recommendations do not come easily.

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