Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My babies at One Month old...

Here are my babies that were born on December 20Th...this picture was taken on January 20Th. They were one month old in this picture and as you can tell the one next to the small feeder is the one that Flow is not feeding....you can see the size difference. But they are both doing great...and Flow is getting easier and easier to hold....she loves bread...so one slice to start and one to finish....at least I don't have to wrestle her around...and my busted vein is healing. Only a few more weeks and they will be on their own and I can just sit back and watch until the next kids are born....on boy I hope I am ready.... What am I thinking I will never be ready they come when they are ready.

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Julie said...

Love all the pictures - glad you are updating the blog! The babies are adorable and Fars is hilarious (not to mention the geese)