Sunday, May 18, 2008

I always knew there were aliens among us....or is that really just my Marble naked?

Oh my...who took my Marble....and replaced him with an alien one. This is not my way.
Then he came over and said.....I am Marble.....WOW...I do you look different all naked and stuff. For a minute there I thought you were abducted by aliens and they gave me somebody else....I am glad it is just you Marble. I would have never forgiven myself if the aliens got you. Then I remembered that Tor sheared him as well. Marble did ok being sheared except for the big pimple on his back that Tor popped....just about made me puke.... The red stuff is a spray used to help heal any minor cuts and nicks so it is not as big as it looks in the picture. Marble is the only sheep I know that thinks he is a lap sheep. At least he will be cool for the hot dry summer ahead.


Oyster and her sister Oreo - All in the family or is it...

From the looks of things here....Oyster is had bring my sister here didn't you. You couldn't just love me you had to have my sister to hmmmm, we'll see about all this. Oreo was like....did she say something.....well I am her sister. She just doesn't know it yet.

Oyster is still not so sure about this all in the family stuff. They are actually getting along pretty good. Oyster is letting everyone know she is boss including her sister. She is only using saliva spits...and when she does everyone gets out of her way...or else she will follow you to make sure you got her message. It is cute to see Oyster chasing a goat....Oyster's head all down, the goat on the run bleating and Oyster in hot pursuit. Oyster always wins.... You can also see I had Tor leave her mane...I want to see it grow out and see what she looks like.


Oreo - The new addtion has arrived and settling in well.

Oreo arrived on Saturday May 17th. She is just six months old and is Oyster's sister. She arrived by special delivery from Tor. He did a great job shearing her as you can see.

Here she is giving her sister a quick smell. From the looks of it I don't think she is all the sure about Oyster yet...but they both follow each other around.

After the smell I think she is thinking....hmmmm that smell could just be related. I'll need more to be sure. Oreo is just so darn cute...right now she will come and give me a quick smell as well. After seeing me giving loves to Oyster, Oreo might be saying....oh boy I hope he doesn't think he is going to do that to me!!! I said...we'll see...everyone needs loves.


Cherry and her new baby Lilly...

She had no problems and did all the work herself.

Doesn't she just look all proud of herself. An Easter baby...


Cherry Berry has her baby....Born on Easter Sunday.

So my friends and I decided on the name of Lilly....for Easter Lilly. She is just so cute. I wasn't even sure that Cherry was pregnant but my friend Kathy was right...she was.


An Arizona pictures.

I was outside a few weeks ago and took some pics of what I thought would describe in pictures an Arizona Springtime. Above starts what I will call an Arizona Springtime in pictures. This tree just exploded in yellow adding a wonderful color to the desert background.

My big main China Berry just had blossoms all over it this year. I could smell them from twenty feet away...the purple flowers were just beautiful...I don't think the picture does them justice but there are lots of them.

I am not sure what this one is called but it is just coming up from the middle and looks neat as a picture. I find that the stick bugs love them...and at night if you are patient with a flashlight you will seem them walking on the ends of this plant. It is just so awesome to see nature in motion.

This one is just over doing it...come on...a bud at every point and sometimes two. It just must be happy that it is springtime. I hope it doesn't fall over from the weight of them...

I was walking by another China Berry and looked up and this is the sight. A bright green canopy to bring spring in with. It was bright green and just looked so inviting I would have liked to nest in a branch just to bask in the green canopy light.

This cactus was also a happy one...just look at the flowers and all those buds. I really like this has a purple hue all year long and an odd shape to the pads. Don't get too has some long spines and they are not very forgiving and stick well....I have had to pull them out of my dogs (Abby) sure does look funny stuck in her nose because they are so long. I try to tell her she can't put her nose into day it may not came back with her.

Here is a close-up of the flowers from the cactus above. They are just beautiful and bring a burst of color to Springtime in the Arizona Desert.