Sunday, January 13, 2008

I missed it again!!! Angie has her baby.

Well, quarter to five came way to fast.... I dizzily got up and got dressed and laid on my bed for what I thought was a moment....when I looked at my clock it was a quarter to 6....oh my god.... I jumped up and hurried was foggy with everything just dripping wet. I hurried to the pen....and surprise!!! Angie's baby was out and up. I got in there and started doing my thing. The baby was wet and cold so I first dried him with the towels and then with the hair dryer. The hair dryer was the trick.....during the process I used it on myself a few times.....hey it was cold out there. Anyway, the baby dried nicely and I tried to do my plug and play....but no way.....that baby had a set of lungs on him..... He just did not want any help from I patiently waited and continued drying here and there, a little on me...a little on him...sometimes on Angie.......and wouldn't you know. Nature is just so wonderful....he found the teat and the rest is history and I was exhausted.
My only concern is Angie's baby is only using one of her teats......I got both going but for some reason he favors one side...maybe the milk is better on that side.....better tasting I suppose.
Life is just wonderful.

Angie is down at midnight......oh...I think something is going to happen.

Oh we go. It was midnight and Angie is down and pushing. So I made sure everything was in order. I was worried because it was so wet...but I was ready. It really looked like baby was coming when all of a sudden everything stopped and she got up and casually strolled over for something to eat. I stood there dumbfounded.....she looked at me like...'what....I am hungry so I am eating'. Then I didn't know what to do with myself so I started checking on her every 20 to 30 minutes and by.....2:30am...I decided I needed to get some sleep or I would just fall over. She would lay a little pushing then get back up and walk around..... Oh my...this was driving me was so wet....I was like, come on, lets get this going so we can all get some rest....but no. Angie was going to have her baby when Angie was ready. I finally passed out around 2:45 am and set my alarm for was only two hours....what could happen.


Cherry - I'm not sleeping on the wet ground....I am smarter then you think...

At midnight, Cherry was in the feeding box as it was probably the driest thing in the pen.....she looked at me like was disturbing her beauty rest. She looked at me as if to say.....'can't you see I am in my bed....go away'. I told her I have important stuff to do because I am checking on Angie to see is she is getting ready. So, she turned her head and went back to sleep.

Monday Jan 7th Sunset....Will Angie have her baby?

The sunset is beautiful but the picture just doesn't capture it all. The colors were just amazing and while the sunset was happening I was worrying about Angie in the rain having her baby. So I decided to get things as ready as I could just in case. Got the extension cord running out to the pen with the hair dryer ready to go...towels, blanket and bucket all I wait...


Monday, January 7, 2008

Angie is going to have babies!

Angie, my Queen of the Goats is going to have babies either tonight or early Tuesday morning. She is laying down and pushing, however the next moment she is up and walking around...... It is going to be a long night of checking on her.

I have everything ready to go from towels to the hair dryer. It rained tonight so I want to be ready to dry the babies.

Because I have everything ready she will probably wait until I give up waiting and then deliver.....we will see.

Well, when she is ready babies will come.


Friday, January 4, 2008

This picture is just so cute...Amber's babies

This makes all the raking, feeding and worrying worth it. These are Amber's babies tonight after feeding from mom. They are just so cute...


Amber has her babies!

Amber had her babies last night around 7pm. They came out well done and ready to hit the world running and jumping. My neighbor was over helping me dry them and stimulate them to nurse. The boy was easy and the girl seemed to not get the hang of it......but her belly was round so I think she got some before we started. Well today they are running and jumping and doing great.