Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Evening Sighting...

It was about an hour before moon set and it was shinning brightly from the south of me.....I was sitting on the far west end of my main pen watching the lighting to the far north wondering if any of it will come here.... Then I noticed a huge winged bird perch itself on the east end of my main pen directly in front of me about 20 feet. I flashed on my flashlight that I carry and noticed it was a huge Owl. I immediately turned it out because I didn't wan to scare it away. It was huge and eerily quiet. Moth Man did flash into my mind......

As I sat it awe of it....just because its huge wings were dead silent as it took off as silently as it landed and did a small semi-circle and perched on another poll just a few feet up from where it landed the first time. This time it put my Llamas on alert....they were up but silent...ears up and bodies all ready to act.....watching silently for the next move. I also didn't realize the goats were all watching as well. I guess because the moon light was so bright you could easily see the Owl and how huge it was and so the goats and Llamas would as well. The Owl was on the hunt and saw something in my yard.....probably some rabbits because I have so many that run is the feed that brings them in.

Then without warning the Owl stretched out it's huge wings and took off right at me and the Llamas....silent and majestic as the night it swooped down with its huge wings....they were really big, then over our heads and into the night across my neighbors yard. It was just an amazing sight to see such huge wings with no sound. Even the goats bolted a little....then when it was out of sight everyone settled back into a quiet evening with the moon turning gold as it settled over the horizon. The Llamas settled back on their knees and the goats all dug a bit before settling back down for some sleep.

I didn't realize just how amazing some creatures truly are.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Feed prices are going everything else...

Feed prices are going up seems. I am paying a dollar more then last month....I hope it does not continue to go up each month. It will cost more to feed my goats then it will me. I have decided to offset some feed with feeding straight Bermuda along with my pellets. It seems to stretch the pellet feed for me. The goats don't readily eat the Bermuda like they would Alfalfa....but they do eat it. The Llamas munch on it all the time...even dried out....they like to forage for it. The geese continually eat it as it doesn't go to waste.

Above is thirty 80 pound bags of half Bermuda/Alfalfa....and then on the left are two bales of Bermuda.
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